current version: v3.1.1.0
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Vim mode of GlobalVim can enable vim style editing at any editing situation.
GeeKey HotKey System of GlobalVim provides plenty of shortcuts to accelerate off-mode editing.

    vim mode —— turn all editors to vim

    The vim mode of GlobalVim is not simple key-mapping. It also supports all vim modes and some important commands.

    The vim mode supports registers and macro recording.

    The expression register“= can evaluate python expression.

    The vim mode also supports full-feature pattern substituation.

    operations in the vim mode please refer to other articles of vim

    How to turn on/off of vim mode

    1. click button v in main panel of GlobalVim
    2. by GeeKey+v (Need GeeKey HotKey system functioning)

    Special behavior of vim mode

    At normal mode,A esc stroke will send forward the esc event. Within other modes,esc will be blocked,and the vim mode will be back to normal.
    Based on input behavior of Windows platform, append(a) command no longer do appending after current position, but the same as insert(i).
    r/R is no longer supported.

    GeeKey HotKey

    GlobalVim use a selected key as hotkey. GeeKey combines h,j,k,l will be mapped to left, down, up and right (which can be customized on the application panel easily).